Triple S - Substance, Stamina, Sense

"In the spring of 1961, Bob and Jan Painter purchased the then three-year-olds Lucie and June Fib, along with another Silverton Morgan daughter, the chestnut Red Bird M., from the W.C. Fruit Estate. These three mares would comprise the beginning of the Painter’s broodmare band." - from PRECIOUS METAL; The Legacy of Morgan Gold

Chestnut colt
Mare & filly
Chestnut filly

Jan's keen eye for quality and correct conformation and Bob's desire for substance, endurance, and common sense plus their unanimous aim for versatile ability, make up their Triple S philosophy of SUBSTANCE, STAMINA, AND SENSE.

Jan had been studying the Morgans in the 1950's and 60's and was so impressed that she bought one, a gelding named Cocoa Allen by Lucky Allen, a horse that embodied traits she desired.

Now decades later, their son Nathan and his wife Kate, are among a small number of dedicated Morgan breeders faithfully producing horses reminiscent of Justin Morgan's own, realizing Bob's original plan. (source)

Bay colt
Bay filly
Buckskin foal

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